Who are we?

We are two sisters: Bazya & Mona
The glam factory is a lifelong project. We had the idea very early on to open an American-style salon, grouping together all services, especially in terms of hair styling for all types of hair, from nails to hairstyling to slimming treatments.
All our services are inspired by Brazilian and American techniques.
Everything has been thought out so that women feel comfortable, feel in a cocoon like a bubble out of time, from decorating to bathrobes, everything is girly.
The staff is permanently trained to be always at the era of time with the biggest names in hairdressing around the world: Mounir, Alenn Mj, Rodolfo carvalho, Gertru jimenez and so on.
We focus on quality and rarity of the product that is to say that all the brands used in the salon are the strengths of a great brand.
We have travelled a lot, we have been inspired by the women we have met through these trips to create an atmosphere, a concept where it is possible to come as one is without judgment and to be pampered in the right atmosphere and good mood.