Spray "Amino" - Truss

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Incredibly fragrant essential oils to increase hydration and replenish amino acids lost through chemical processes. Seals cuticles, controls frizz, detangles and protects hair from heat damage from hot tools, maintaining integrity and color, for a finished look with intense shine.


Miracle Oil Blend: Repairs damaged hair. 

Restores amino acids, proteins and lipids. 

Increases elasticity and resistance. Provides softness and reduces frizz.

Nano Repair: microparticles that deposit on the hair with large amounts of (positive) amino acid charges, creating a protective layer promoting frizz reduction, color protection, shine, soft touch and intense conditioning .

Amisil: conditioning agent made up of amino acids and silicones. 

Promotes heat protection, provides better glide of the straightener, offers volume and frizz reduction, intense shine and oil-free softness.

Keratin: Protein quickly absorbed by the hair, increasing the strength and giving body to the hair. Composed of 20 amino acids.