"Color Protect" Routine - Colored Hair

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Do you have colored, dry or damaged hair? This routine is for you!

What is a pre-shampoo? The pre-shampoo is a real detox for the hair!

Its unique spray formula combines 2 molecular filters and 2 polymer filters (never used in any other hair product) to gently, safely and quickly remove minerals such as chlorine or limescale. It works like a magnet and in less than 3 minutes your hair's shine and color will be revived.

The shampoos and conditioners are based on shea and are specially designed to form a hold around your hair and optimize your color as much as possible!

We've added the holy grail, the Brazilian nugget we've been waiting for for years! I named the Truss brand Prime Deluxe. It can be used for two things: either when you have no more mask, to spray it and leave it on like a mask, or as a heat protector. It is simply magical! 2 products for the price of one!