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Description :

Cadiveu Boca Rosa Quartzo Shine Conditioner is recommended for dry and dull hair.

It is enriched with particles of rose quartz and shea butter, this conditioner facilitates detangling and promotes gentle nutrition without weighing down the hair fibers, protects against drying out and gives the hair a soft feel and balance from root to tip , lightness, movement and shine

Rose quartz and vegetable proteins: the union of these two ingredients promotes the change that dry and dull hair needs!

The result is intense nutrition and more shine for your hair.

Oat extract: active ingredient rich in amino acids that promotes the restoration of damaged hair fibers and protects them against external aggressions by providing them with more softness, suppleness and manageability.

Usage tips :

Apply Quartz Shine Conditioner to wet hair, distributing it evenly through the lengths and ends.