Tanning Accelerator Dark to Dark Skin - Erika Bronze

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Description :

The Erika Bronze Tanning Accelerator Cream Cocoa and Urucum Paraffin hydrates the skin in addition to helping to maintain the tan, leaving the skin soft, hydrated and fragrant.

Product for fair skin

Using advice :

Apply a thin, even layer to the skin. Tanning with this product must be done naturally in the sun, and its use for artificial tanning is contraindicated. ;

1 hour in the sun is enough to make the crepe all day.

⚠️ Warning: Any exposure to the sun must be done with sun protection, this cream contains SPF 15, however we invite you to put on SPF 50 before you tan anyway. .

Avoid tanning more than 1 hour per day and stay well hydrated while sunbathing.

Pot of 90 grams to be used in a thin layer (beware of light swimsuits, the product may stain a little)