Detoxifying and Volumizing Cleansing Care - Serge d'Estel

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The scalp and hair are a real barometer. They react to the influences of weather, mood and general condition. The manifestations are not always very pleasant: dandruff, greasy hair, itching, hair loss... In response, we have formulated a detox cleansing treatment that will allow you to:

→ Clarify
→ Purify
→ Balance excess sebum
→ Promote volume

In case of high heat, we advise you to keep it away from light and heat (in the refrigerator), to preserve the texture of this treatment.

On wet hair
→ Apply the paste and leave for 3 minutes. The action of applying without rubbing makes it possible not to attack the scalp and to let the active ingredients deliver all their effectiveness.
→ Once in the shower, rub them gently to lather the treatment then rinse thoroughly. Start by rinsing with lukewarm water and then finish rinsing with cool water. Repeat the operation once a week.

→ Green clay: purifying and sebum-regulating: it deeply cleanses by eliminating impurities and toxins that clog pores. It limits the production of sebum by absorbing excess fat. Green clay is also volumizing. It brings hold and volume to flat, fine hair.

→ Stinging nettle leaf extract: sebum-regulating, it regulates sebum secretion, fights against the appearance of dandruff and soothes itching. Rich in minerals and vitamins, stinging nettle strengthens the hair fiber, stimulates cell regeneration, tones the scalp and thus helps to fight hair loss.

→ Peppermint essential oil: stimulates hair tissue, has remarkable analgesic properties and provides an intense feeling of freshness. Refreshing, invigorating and it also treats the problem of greasy hair too quickly by cleaning up oily scalps.