"Rise & Shine" Routine - Fine Hair

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Hollywood better watch out! For those who dream of a volume inspired by the brushings of the 90s, this routine is for you!

The shampoo gently cleanses while maintaining the vibrancy of your natural color. It is enriched with a Japanese complex of amino acids. The conditioner, meanwhile, will soften and help maintain the shine.

The Truss brand Net Mask has a smart repair function. It will restore and restore elasticity to the hair. Well concentrated in nano keratin, its well-concentrated texture will allow you to use it over time.

Xtra Volume creates volume without weighing it down, contains no alcohol and is enriched with fortifying bamboo extract. The hair looks thick, voluminous and feels so light.

This non-drying mousse thickens your strands without the aid of salt or resins that typically create volume by forcing the cuticle. Instead, it harnesses a proprietary polymer and fortifying bamboo blend to surround each strand, creating volume while allowing your cuticles to stay closed and intact.

Amino Acido is a unique product that is worth the detour! It comes straight from Brazil!

Made with amazingly fragrant essential oils, it will increase nutrition and replenish amino acids lost through chemical processes. It seals cuticles, controls frizz, detangles and protects hair from heat damage from hot tools, maintaining integrity and color, for a finished look with intense shine.