Net Mask - Truss

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Description :

Provides nano-replacement of proteins and nano-replenishes damaged hair strands, restoring elasticity, strength and restoring a natural look to hair. 

It seals hair cuticles, prolonging hydration with intense shine. On thick, curly or wavy hair types, it helps define and separate curls. However it is suitable for all other hair types, it offers controlled, silky and shiny results.

Texture with very concentrated "cobweb" filaments so a little is enough to do its job. 

Using advice:

Put a dab of product in your palm and clap your hands as if to clap to activate the product and you do the lengths and let it sit for 15 minutes under a hot towel. And then rinse.

Assets :

Linum Seed Fiber: Extract of golden linum. Soluble fibres, rich in proteins and oils with a high concentration of Omega-3 and 6.

Polisil: acts on the cuticles restoring hydration and elasticity to dehydrated hair.

Amisil: conditioning agent made up of amino acids and silicones. Promotes heat protection, provides better flat iron glide, provides volume and frizz reduction, intense shine and oil-free softness. 

Helps define curls and reduce the volume of curly hair, while leaving hair soft and manageable, with no build-up.

Panthenol: tones the scalp, moisturizes and restores the hair. Penetrates the cuticle and cortex, forming an elastic layer inside and outside the hair, moisturizes while adding body and shine.

Sericin: Amino acid extracted from silk that promotes nano-regeneration to rebuild hair that has undergone chemical processes. It strengthens the cortex, ensures silkiness, leaves hair manageable and healthy with aligned cuticles. Provides conditioning, volume reduction, easy combing, frizz reduction, softness and shine.

Creatine: powerful amino acid derivative, microparticle that penetrates deep into the cortex due to its small size, restoring and increasing the strength of a hair compromised by chemical and physical aggressions. It protects, revitalizes and hydrates at the same time. Helps minimize the effects of aging.

Keratin: Protein quickly absorbed by the hair, increasing the strength and giving body to the hair. Composed of 20 amino acids.

Cottonseed oil: it has a natural sun protection factor, gives hydration and oiliness to the strands. Rich in vitamin E, palmitic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid.